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Central Baltic Student Enterprise without Borders (CBEwB), was developed to give an international perspective to entrepreneurship education.

The Central Baltic program and Junior Achievement organizations in Estonia, Finland, Latvia and Sweden feel that it is important for our countries, schools, teachers and students to cooperate and learn from each other. We want our students to get the possibility to learn more about international trade and international entrepreneurship during their school years.

The tool for the project is the JA Company Program, which is widely used in all of the project countries. Within the project, teachers and students from Latvia, Estonia, Finland and Sweden meet and get the possibility to work together and create a network. Students develop ideas together, collaborate and start international JA companies (joint ventures).

You can follow the project on Facebook.

Events for the academic year 2016 - 2017
  1. Innovation Camp in Helsinki, 28th – 29th of September 2016 (Wed – Thu)
  2. Seminar in Tallinn, 11th – 13th of November 2016 (Fri – Sun)
  3. Trade Fair in Tallinn, 10th – 11th of February 2017 (Fri – Sat)
  4. Trade Fair in Helsinki, 2nd – 3rd of March 2017 (Thu – Fri)
    (part of Helsinki region’s Uskalla Yrittää -semifinal)
  5. Trade Fair & Seminar, Riga. 4th – 6th of April 2017 (Tue – Thu)
    (part of international fair and seminar;
  6. Trade Fair & Teacher’s Conference in Stockholm. 8th – 9th of May 2017 (Mon – Tue)
    (part of Sweden’s national JA Company Programme final)
Check out the fact sheet for the project


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