Uskalla Yrittää winner at the world exhibition during the summer!

7.2.2017 2017Uskalla Yrittää Event

The success story of the best JA student Company from Finland, I’m Blue, continues. The young entrepreneurs from Espoo have founded a limited company and will represent Finland at a Astana EXPO 2017 next summer.

The three month Astana EXPO 2017 is held in Kazakhstan from June to September. Producing blueberry soda, I’m Blue will be on display at the Finnish pavilion during the entire expo

– An unbelievable opportunity. It is great to be able to spread the all-important image of Finland and Finnish entrepreneurship education. We are ready to make the blueberry soda global, the young entrepreneurs exclaim.

The founders of I’m Blue are Etelä-Tapiola Upper Secondary school students Ida Salo, Patrik Pyöriä, Helmi Nurkkala and Otto Korhonen. Last academic year in their school, they participated in the JA Company Program, where the students found a student company operating with real money as a part of their studies.

After the program, a lot has happened. Through the Uskalla Yrittää semifinals, I’m Blue was selected to go on to the national Final competition where I’m Blue was chosen as the best JA Student Company in Finland for secondary level. In July, the group represented in Finland in Lucerne, Switzerland at the European Final. Now I’m Blue is a limited company, which you can follow here.

From Tapiola to Astana – learning by doing

In the fall, I’m Blue participated at a Team Finland event where the group’s business idea, energy and positive attitude convinced the crowd. It came very clear this quartet would be invited for Astana EXPO 2017. Team Finland is a program run by the Finnish Government promoting the success of Finnish companies in conducting global business.

I´m Blue and Risto Siilasmaa, the Chairman of Nokia and F-Secure, discussing about entrepreneurship.

– The message of I’m Blue that they will be the future payers of pensions was robust. One should listen to young people and support their entrepreneurship, says the head comissioner of the Finnish section at the world expo, Severi Keinälä.

Finland has participated in world expos for over 100 years and its importance cannot be stressed enough.

– This year’s expo will be the most important project so far taken by Finland in Central Asia. The organizers are expecting a total of two million visitors this summer, says Keinälä.

Olli Rehn (former Minister of Economic Affairs, now a member of the Board of the Bank of Finland), I´m Blue and Prime Minister Juha Sipilä.

The tenacity of the young entrepreneurs will be rewarded

The idea that was first nurtured in the JA Company program has been refined so that one of the group’s dreams is about to be fullfilled next summer. I’m Blue will proudly be on display as a part of the Finnish pavilion at Astana.

Every participating country organizes a national day during the expo. Finland will have its special day on the week of midsummer, on 20th June. There will be a 100th anniversary celebration where the blueberry soda will be served. Either the president, prime minister or the speaker of the parliament will attend.

-Through I’m Blue, we can bring a positive image of Finland to the world. There will be a VIP lounge at our pavilion with meeting rooms where the arctic blueberry soda will be served to our guests, explains Keinälä.

Astana EXPO 2017 will be organized from June 10th to September 10th in the capital of Kazakhstan. The main theme of the expo is future energy alternatives.

In this video, I´m Blue explains why participating in the JA Company Program was such an important ecperience for them.

"Insect eating will break through"