Uskalla Yrittää 2022 festival tour starts in February

29.12.2021 2021Uskalla Yrittää Event

Starting in February, the Uskalla Yrittää festival tour makes 10 regional stops throughout Finland. Last spring, more than 1,000 young people took part in the event with their companies.

The Uskalla Yrittää festival is the largest entrepreneurship event for young people in Finland, and it’s organized by Junior Achievement Finland (JA Finland). The festival tour and the competitions organized during the events are open to students participating in JA Finland programs around the country.

The youth taking part in the regional festivals are currently involved in the JA Company program. The program is offered as a part of the studies in the curriculum in the educational institutions, which can include middle schools, upper secondary schools, vocational institutions, and higher education institutions. In the JA Company program, young people are given the opportunity to set up a JA company that operates using real money, and through that, gain valuable practical experience on entrepreneurship and financial skills.

During the entrepreneurship events in the spring, the students have the opportunity to demonstrate and market the products and services of their JA companies – and compete with each other on a national level.

First events held virtually

Organizing the tour, the current Coronavirus situation and the related restrictions are taken into account.
Starting in Kotka on February 9, the first weeks of the tour are organized within the Howspace virtual environment, where the young entrepreneurs are able to showcase their companies on exhibition stands. The virtual implementation also enables cross-regional visits to the events, which allows visitors to cheer on the entrepreneurs of tomorrow throughout Finland with a single click. For the regional events, a link to the virtual event will be published at

Watch live streams of each event

Each regional event is also streamed live at
The live streams of the regional festivals will feature inspirational speeches on entrepreneurship, interviews with the participating youth, and a closing ceremony during which the best regional JA companies are awarded.

The Coronavirus situation allowing, the events scheduled for March will be organized in shopping centers around the country. The physical events will include an exhibition of the regional JA companies, inspirational speeches, pitching competitions, specialist clinics, and an inspiring meeting space for teachers.

National finals held in April

As a part of the regional festivals, JA entrepreneurs are offered the option to take part in competitions from which the best companies are chosen to compete in the Uskalla Yrittää national finals held in April.

The JA companies that continue to the finals are chosen by a panel of judges that consists of local business experts and entrepreneurs. A total of 60 JA companies from different parts of the country are chosen for the finals held in Helsinki on April 27–28.

The two best JA companies from the national finals will go on to represent Finland in GEN-2022-E, which is the largest entrepreneurship competition for the youth in Europe. GEN-2022-E will be held in Tallinn in the summer of 2022.

As the festivals are open to visitors and the admission is free, we welcome everyone to join us and cheer the young people on, learn about their companies, and become inspired by the future entrepreneurs!

See the festival schedule and regions

Background information for the JA Company program

Junior Achievement Finland has organized the world’s largest entrepreneurship program for the youth in Finland since the late 1990s. The young people participating in the long-term program offered by JA Finland, a non-profit organization, set up a practice company that operates using real money as a part of their studies to learn about entrepreneurship in practice. The program provides the young people an opportunity to learn entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and working life skills in a concrete manner over a semester or a school year. While the practice companies established for the duration of the entrepreneurship education program do not continue their operation beyond the program, each year many young people decide to continue entrepreneurial activities in some manner or at least employ themselves during the summer after the year of their JA Company program experience.

In Finland, more than a thousand practice companies are established every year by young people within the JA Company program. Some of the companies compete in regional semifinals and meet customers, test their skills, demonstrate their products and services, and network with other young people. Participation in the program provides an opportunity to take part in the Uskalla Yrittää semifinals, which included more than 1,000 young JA entrepreneurs throughout Finland during the 2021 academic year.

From the semifinals, 60 companies are chosen to participate in the youth entrepreneurship finals held in April. The finals act as the national championship competition for the JA Company program, in which the students compete for the Finnish Championship and other awards, as well as for a chance to take part in the European Championship event in the summer.

The Uskalla Yrittää festival is an event organized by Junior Achievement Finland (JA), which is open to students participating in the JA Company Program with the JA companies they have set up during the program.

The JA Company Program allows youths to set up JA companies that operate using real money, thus gaining valuable practical experience of entrepreneurship, and developing their financial literacy. During the Uskalla Yrittää festivals, the youths have the opportunity to market and sell their companies’ products and services to customers.

See the festival schedule and regions

Registration for JA companies
Registration opens January, 2022

Sami Suomela appointed CEO of Junior Achievement Finland