Uskalla Yrittää – regional events

The Uskalla Yrittää regional events and competitions will be held in February 2023 all over Finland.

Competition categories

Entrepreneurship event and competition for young people

The set of Uskalla Yrittää events starts in February 2023. alla over Finland. All learners participating in the JA Company program during the current academic year can register for the entrepreneurship events and competition.

Each regional event includes a sales event for young JA companies and a voluntary competition section. In the sales events JA companies can present their products, services and expertise. From the regional competitions representatives are selected for the Uskalla Yrittää finals later in the Spring.

Poikien Soossit UF -yrityksen nuoret messuständillä Uskalla Yrittää -finaalissa 2022

Uskalla Yrittää 2023

Regional events

14.2. Kotka
14.2. Vaasa
15.2. Espoo
15.2. Hämeenlinna
15.2. Kajaani
15.2. Pori
15.2. Tampere
16.2. Jyväskylä
16.2. Oulu
16.2. Seinäjoki
21.2. Joensuu
21.2. Kuopio

Uskalla Yrittää finals

18–19 April 2023, Helsinki

#UskallaYrittää @NuoriYrittajyys

Instructions for participants 

Uskalla Yrittää regional events and competitions can be entered by any JA companies enrolled in the JA Company Program in the current academic year. Upon registration, the JA company can decide if it wishes to participate in the sales event only, or both the sales event and the competition.  

Each JA company can only enter their own region’s event.  

See the information for your own regional event in the list below:  


To enter, please fill in the JA company’s information on the registration form that can be accessed through the link below.  

Upon registration, the JA company enters the following information:  

  • The basic information on the JA company and its members, as well as the information of the school and the teacher 
  • The company logo, a description of the business concept or a short introduction, social media information 
  • Whether they wish to attend just the sales event, or the sales event and the competition 

Registration for the Uskalla Yrittää regional events has ended on the 20 Jan 2023.

Registration for the evenets can be made only in Finnish or Swedish.

Participation in the Uskalla Yrittää events is free of charge

Competition categories and criteria 

You can find the Uskalla Yrittää event’s competition categories and criteria here.  

Exhibition stands

We offer a small fair table to all JA companies. Unfortunately, we cannot offer electricity connection except in exceptional cases. Please let us know on the registration form about any special needs that should be taken into account regarding your trade fair stand.

You can find contact information for your own regional event in the event listing above.

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