Competition categories and criteria

Get to know the different categories and evaluation criteria of the Uskalla Yrittää competition.

Uskalla Yrittää regional events will be held in February 2023. In the regional events, young people will have an opportunity to present their products and services and compete for the prizes of different categories and a place in the finals of the national Uskalla Yrittää competition.  

Students in comprehensive school, upper secondary and university level can participate in the regional events with their JA companies. In this page, you can find the general guidelines for JA companies and all competition categories for the Uskalla Yrittää competition.

The final number of competition categories in each region depends on the final number of JA companies entered for the competition.

Special notes

In the Best JA Company category, the selected winner must be a JA company where the company members meet the competition criteria for the Gen-E European competition. According to these criteria:

  • The JA entrepreneurs participating in the comprehensive school and upper secondary level competitions must be between 15 and 21 years old.
  • The participants in the university level competitions must be students between 18 and 30 years old.
  • The winners of the Best JA Company category are selected from JA companies that have at least two (2) members in their team.

Other Uskalla Yrittää competition categories do not have age restrictions or limits to the number of members in the JA company. This means that the JA companies where all members do not meet the aforementioned age restrictions or have fewer members in their teams can participate in the other competition categories.

Competition categories

All of the JA companies competing in Uskalla Yrittää regional events are judged according to the same criteria. The number of JA companies to be awarded depends on the number of JA companies entered for the competition in the region in question. From every regional competition, 1 to 12 JA companies are selected for the finals. Therefore, there are equal opportunities to make it to the finals in each region. 

We update the actual number of places in the finals for each regional event approximately one week before the event date at the latest.