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Tips to guardians and caregivers at home

Have you all heard talk about JA, Pikkuyrittäjät, or a Company Program course – and wondered what it’s all about? Do the young people in your household rattle on about voting, budgets, taxes, or perhaps they go on about innovations, elevator pitches, and business ideas? Do they keep busy also after school?

If the answer is yes, the school your child goes to is most likely implementing Junior Achievement Finland programs. That’s fantastic!

Ask, Boost, Compliment

Here are some tips for you to consider for encouraging the eager learners.

Tip 1

Ask what’s going on. Look at the material used. If the child is prticipating in an entrepreneurship program, encourage them to take the idea further. Bear in mind, however, that it is their project. So, give your advice and steer them further without doing the actual work for them.

Tip 2

Offer to tell your contacts information about the products and services the young person produces through their JA company. If needed, help the junior entreperneurs with logistics and arrangements.

Tip 3

Complimet the young people for their efforts. Praise them for their work, let them know you appreciate what they do and learn.

How to get your child’s school to implement JA programs?

Contact, Discuss, and Go!

Are you currently thinking about how to get your child’s school to also implement JA programs?
Here are some tips for you to start with.

Implementing JA programs to school: tip 1

Contact the school principal/headmaster and ask them if they are familiar with JA programs. After the initial contact, guide principal to website to learn more about the programs. If your child is in elementary school, it is best to also contact their homeroom teacher.

Implementing JA programs to school: tip 2

Talk to other parents and guardians, and approach the shool united in this matter. Everyone wants to take part in supporting and promoting teaching children and adolescents the necessary future skills and abilities to do well.

Implementing JA programs to school: tip 3

Encourage the young people to suggest to their teachers or to the school principal/headmaster to try out JA programs in their school.

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