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Welcome to be inspired!

JA Path of Entrepreneurship Education offers tools for the development of working life skills and learning by doing. The programs encourage putting to use different skills in school and in real life.

Programs support the objectives of the national curricula on the different school levels.

JA Finland offers teachers

The programs are free of charge.

Let’s encourage youths to make their own paths!

JA programs in English
JA program materials are primarily in Finnish and Swedish, but for example JA Company Program is available in English.

JA Programs

The Four Steps to Using JA Programs

1. Program training

  • Take part in a training session, where you will be given advice about how to go through the program and best practices.
    • Have a look at the calendar of training sessions and sign up for a training session!
    • Contact your regional office and ask about program training.

2. Order the materials

  • Order the comprehensive school programs and materials from their own program pages.
  • The Company Program materials are ordered at: 
    The program consists of only online material.

3. Bring a volunteer along!

  • Contact your regional office to find out more about business volunteer in your area.
  • A JA Volunteer may serve as a guest speaker, a jury member, or a business mentor.

4. Tell us how it went

  • When you have completed the program, don’t forget to tell us how it went and how many students participated.
  • Your advice will be used to improve the programs.
  • Tell us how it went by clicking this link.

Welcome aboard!

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