Functional entrepreneurship education programs for all educational levels

We offer free-of-charge, ready-to-use learning materials for all programs.

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The JA Path of Entrepreneurship Education that we have designed supplies teachers with tools to teach entrepreneurial, working life and financial skills. The Path’s programs support a multidisciplinary approach and the method of ‘learning by doing’. The programs encourage students to apply the skills they have learned both at school and during their free time.

Our programs support the curriculum objectives of comprehensive competence at the different educational levels.

Free-of-charge, ready-to-use learning materials for all programs

JA Path of Entrepreneurship Education

Young Achievement association offers programs supporting the learning of entrepreneurship, working life and financial skills to levels ranging from early childhood education to higher education. The programs have been built in accordance with the objectives of the curriculums.

Course descriptions and material are available in Finnish and Swedish. Click here or select a program in the list below to view course descriptions in Finnish.

We supply knowledge, competence and resources for day-to-day life.

Free materials

Our programs are meant to be equally available to everyone. This is why they are always free of charge for the educational institutions.

Future skills for working life

Our programs provide young people with working life skills needed in the future, such as team working, problem-solving and information search skills.

Units ready for use

By ordering our program, you can get ready-to-use materials that follow the curriculum and support for implementing the programme.

Functional programmes for learners of all kinds

Tens of thousands of children and young people use our programs every year. The assignments can be easily adapted based on the students’ skill levels. The practical assignments and a functional approach to learning are suitable for all kinds of learners!

Pedagogics at the core

We are continuously developing our programs together with our pedagogics experts and with teachers and students.

MOK week

Our My Finances and My Work programs are great activities for MOK weeks, i.e. the multidisciplinary learning units.

Support for multi-professional education

Our programs support the multi-professional cooperation of early childhood education.

Working together

We work together with the field’s other operators.

VESO training events

Free-of-charge VESO training events for entrepreneurship education supply teachers with concrete tools to support their work. In the training events, the teachers will work in teams and practise skills needed in future, such as group formation, problem-solving and resilience.

Program training

We arrange free-of-charge training and information events related to the JA programs to teaching staff. These training events are held frequently, both online and all across Finland.

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