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What would it be like to work in my own company? Who do I sell my products? How does marketing work in practice? How can I convince others of my idea?

JA Start Up Program is for university and college students. The program is carried out as a part of the institution’s own curriculum.

In JA Start Up Program students will found a JA student company functioning with real funds. The company will function as a test lab for students’ ideas, provide a possibility to put working life skills into practice, and give students’ a picture of what it is like to work in a small private company.

JA Start Up companies provide a basis for creativity and innovation and enable students to try their ideas in practice.

The program’s requirements may be changed to suit individual institutions. This flexibility enables the program to fit the goals of different curricula without forgetting creativity and enthusiasm.

Best JA Company participates in European championships

At the end of the academic year, the best JA Company is chosen in national finals. The winning company gets to participate in JA-YE Europe Enterprise Challenge for university and college-level student companies.

Read more on Enterprise Challenge at at the JA Europe website.

Supporting JA Student Companies: is a portal with the timetable for the program, news and information about competitions for JA company.

Participating in JA Start Up program requires each student to pay a registration fee. The payment entitles each student to receive JA support, use study materials, and participate in the national finals.


Entrepreneur, share your knowledge!

Would you like to participate and bring business perspectives into the program? Tell your own story, give advice, and review results. Get to know the future employees and entrepreneurs!
Read more about your chances to volunteer.

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