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Keys to success in working life, spiced with expo experiences, marketing skills, and entrepreneurial attitude!

JA Company Program is aimed at ninth-graders and students in upper secondary education, namely high schools and vocational colleges. The program is carried out as a part of the institution’s own curriculum.

Students in this program will found a JA student company functioning with real funds for one academic year. The students will engage in all phases of running a company, from founding to ceasing activities.

JA Companies provide students with a learning environment where they can put their learned skills into practice. What students learn in this program, they learn by doing.

JA Company Program’s aim is to teach working life skills and entrepreneurial attitude and working method already during their studies.

More than 4,200 student from over 200 schools and educational institutions participated in JA Company Program during the 2016–2017 academic year. A strong network of learners and collaborative partners support the program!

Hear from the winners of Finland’s Company Program 2016.

Best JA Company participates in European championships

At the end of the academic year, the best JA Company is chosen in the national Uskalla Yrittää finals. As a reward the winning company get to travel to the JA Company Program’s JA Europe Company of the Year championships.

See the finals website (in Finnish and Swedish) at

More on the Company of the Year championships on the JA Europe event list.

Supporting JA Student Companies: is a learning environment with detailed information on how to run a student company, including answers to financial and tax questions.

In addition, there is the timetable for the program, news and information about competitions for JA company. The webportal is only in Finnish and Swedish.

For teachers

JA programs have been designed to integrate into your school’s curriculum. Find out how to start a program. You will be able to register your class / student group at the online portal

Participating in JA Company Program requires each student to pay a registration fee:

  • Primary education: 22 €/student
  • Upper secondary education 30 €/student

Interested in international trade?

ewb-ja-logoEnterprise without Borders (EwB), an expansion of JA Company Program, gives students a chance to get to know the basics of international trade and acquaint themselves with JA Companies from other countries. In this program JA Companies from different countries will connect in networks and practice importation and exportation of goods and services.

Entrepreneur, share your skills!

Would you like to participate and bring business perspectives into the program? Tell your own story, give advice, and review results. Get to know the future employees and entrepreneurs!

Read more about your chances to volunteer.

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