JA Company Program – Upper Secondary Vocational Level 

Exploring entrepreneurship The JA Company Program is a learning program that combines theory and practice. Its objectives are learning and developing ...

Exploring entrepreneurship

The JA Company Program is a learning program that combines theory and practice. Its objectives are learning and developing entrepreneurial skills and an entrepreneurial attitude. 

The program offers a turnkey solution for vocational education and training teachers to teach entrepreneurship. The program also provides an opportunity to participate in competitions and events that support learning and to access a teacher network. 

For the student, the program is a fun and practical tool for learning entrepreneurship and workplace skills. During the program, students will, individually or in a group, establish a JA company using real money, in accordance with their own interests and skills. If they want, students can also participate in national competitions and events. 

The JA Company Program is available for lower secondary schools, upper secondary educational institutions and higher education institutions. 

To whom

For lower secondary schools, upper secondary educational institutions and higher education institutions


Semester, academic year, calendar year or 12 months

To support the teacher

Ready-made learning material and support for implementation

Goals of the program

The contents of the program take into consideration the learning objectives of the core curriculum for vocational education and training. For example, the program is an excellent tool for completing the degree sections of planning the entrepreneurial activities and operating in a company. Students will learn by carrying out actual tasks in their own company. 

In the program, the theoretical knowledge of the vocational education and training curriculum is connected to practice through authentic situations. The program offers diverse opportunities to deepen one’s workplace skills, develop an entrepreneurial attitude, understand entrepreneurship in a comprehensive manner, and for cross-curricular learning. 

The Ministry of Education and Culture Entrepreneurship for Education – Guidelines in Finland (2017) names the JA Company Program as one of the methods to implement entrepreneurship education on the upper secondary level in accordance with the new curricula. 

Poikien Soossit UF -yrityksen nuoret messuständillä Uskalla Yrittää -finaalissa 2022

Learning objectives

The learner recognises the requirements of entrepreneurship and is able to assess their own strengths and areas for development

The learner understands the basics of business operations and is able to assess and develop the company's operations

The learner develops their entrepreneurship skills, including sales skills, teamwork, problem-solving, communication and public speaking

The student builds cooperation networks that promote the business operations

The learner is able to plan the company's business operations

The learner is able to draw up a business model and a business plan to support their idea and is able to develop them during the operations

The learner is able to use tools related to planning the business operations and to draw up the documents required for establishing a company

The learner identifies and assesses their own activities as a member of a team

What does ordering the JA Company Program offer? 

The program offers a turnkey solution for an upper secondary vocational school teacher to teach entrepreneurship.

Ready-made materials and exercises

A national network of teachers

An online learning environment

Program themes 

Program steps

Step 1

Introduction to entrepreneurship, competence and a business idea

Step 2

Starting a business and clarifying the business idea

Step 3

Monitoring, developing and reporting on the business operations

Step 4

Closing, assessing and the future of the business operations

Learning modules

The program consists of 16 learning modules.

Welcome to the JA Company Program

Module 1

Introduction to entrepreneurship

Module 2

Know-how and skills

Module 3

Teams and teamwork

Module 4

A responsible company

Module 5

From an idea to a business idea

Module 6

From an idea to a business concept

Module 7

Starting a JA company

Module 8

Business environment

Module 9

Planning your finances

Moduule 10


Module 11

Sales and customer service

Module 12

Financial reporting

Module 13


Module 14

“Uskalla Yrittää”

Module 15

Winding up the JA company

Module 16

Program implementation

Person responsible for the training 

If this raised your interest, find a teacher in your school who would be interested in implementing the JA Company Program. We will train the teachers to implement the program and to use the study materials. In other words, they do not need to have prior experience in the subject. 

The program is an excellent route for working in a network in one’s own operating environment, or even to market one’s educational institution. Student companies are covered extensively in the national media every year. 


Talk to your supervisor if you want to be the teacher responsible for the JA Company Program. Contact us and participate in our free-of-charge training. We will help you get started and support you in the implementation of the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

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