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NOTE! The JA Company Program has its own portal, which can be found at The portal has its own login credentials and the ones used on this site does not function there.

In the JA Company Program, the students establish a practice company (JA company) using real money. The program provides an opportunity to strengthen skills related to the working life and financial management, as well as develop the ability to interact with other people and gain an entrepreneurial attitude.

The JA Company Program is available to all students in comprehensive and upper secondary schools and functions as a part of the operation of the educational establishment. The program operates as part of the teaching provided by the school, and a teacher at the school is in charge of the program’s practical operation.

Participants to the program, which takes place over a semester, the school year or the calendar year, establish a JA company that operates using real money. During the program, the students go through each step in a company’s life-cycle from establishing the company to ceasing its operation.

Participating in JA Company Program requires each student to pay a registration fee:

  • Primary education: 22 €/student
  • Upper secondary education 30 €/student

JA Finland will invoice the school based on the number of registered students in the program.

Program in numbers (academic year 2017-2018)

  • 1839 JA companies
  • 4573 students from elementary schools, upper secondary schools and vocational colleges
  • 522 teachers
  • 179 schools (63 elementary schools, 53 upper secondary schools, 63 vocational colleges)

Program steps

Student experiences

How to bring the program to your school?

  1. The school decides to join the program
  2. The teacher(s) in charge examine the program and take part in the free program training
  3. The teacher in charge registers using the portal
  4. The JA companies register for the program using the website.

JA Finland offers free training to the teachers, enables networking, and provides support with challenges related to the operation of the program.


Contact us and let’s talk about bringing the JA Company Program to your school.


JA Company Program student survey averages for 2013 – 2018 (N: 2962). The program strengthens the students’ working life, entrepreneurship and economic skills.

Working life skills

I learnt to take responsibility
I understood the importance of entrepreneurial attitude
My sense of self-initiative developed
My team work skills developed
Scheduling and work design developed
My problem solving skills developed
My communication skills developed
My self-confidence grew
I learnt to recognize my own skills

Entrepreneurship skills

It gave a realistic experience about entrepreneurship
It strengthened my skills in self-employment
It removed barriers for setting up my own business
I will set up my own company after the program 12%

Financial skills

I understood the economic importance of entrepreneurs
I understood the value of my own work
I learnt how to use money
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