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Innovation Camp

Entrepreneurship and innovative association at a 24-hour intensive camp!

During JA 24h Camp participating students will found an imaginary company based on their own business idea. JA 24h Camp is aimed at upper secondary level students from high schools and vocational colleges.

The students will utilize our learning by doing method to learn entrepreneurship with their own business idea as a backdrop.

The camp consists of checkpoint assignments, common lectures, and information bulletins. Students will create a business idea which they will develop further by learning and working together, all the while developing their presentation skills in an encouraging environment.

JA 24h Camp’s goal is to have our students set goals for themselves and assume responsibility for their own and their team’s work. Our interactive group learning methods develop students’ interaction and negotiation skills and their capability to solve problems. The camps helps students understand that entrepreneurial work methods, skills, and qualities are needed in all kinds of work.

JA 24h Camp is carried out together with camp counselors:

  • The camp operates on the from youths to youths principle.
  • The practical counselors are students who have earlier participated in entrepreneurship programs or have received camp counselor training.

JA recommends that at least two supervising teachers from the participating educational institution attend the camp to guide the student counselors.

Would you like to participate in a JA 24h Camp as a lecturer, mentor, or jury member? Give our students a theme, guide their innovative process, and review their results! Read more on chances to volunteer.

JA 24h Camp program materials are primarily available in Finnish and Swedish. If you would like to organize a regular JA 24h Camp in English, please contact the JA national office.

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