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Tools for the development of working life skills, an entrepreneurial attitude, and financial literacy. The JA programs support phenomenon based learning and learning by doing. The programs encourage putting to use different skills in school and in real life.

Elementary schools

Me + You = Us

Three theme combination aimed at helping students recognize own and friends’ strengths.
preschool thru 3rd grade

Our Community

Six theme program about the surrounding community, voting, different professions, and the circulation of the economy.
4th-6th grade


A nine theme course teaching how to turn ideas into reality through mini-companies run by the students.
4th-6th grade

Innovation Camp

A six hour camp for founding an imaginary company and brainstorming business ideas.
5th-6th grade

Middle Schools

My Job

Five theme mix of recognizing entrepreneurial skills and planning one’s own future.
7th-9th grade and secondary level

Personal Economics

Fivet theme ensemble for the development of work readiness, career choices and personal finances.
7th-9th grade and secondary level

Innovation Camp

Camp for the founding of an imaginary company and solving a challenge presented at the start of the camp.
8th-9th grade

Company Program

A mini-company experience with real money last the whole school year.
9th grade

Vocational and Upper Secondary Schools + Higher Education

Innovation Camp

24 hour camp to practice entrepreneurial skills around a theme presented at the start.

Master Your Personal Economics

Program containing 11 learning modules and 4 additional modules, including planning of personal economics and minimizing financial risks.

Company Program

A mini-company experience with real money lasting the whole school year.

Company Program

Entrepreneurship program for higher education lasting the whole year operated with real money.

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