Pikkuyrittäjät will be awarded in USA!

20.8.2018 2018NewsPikkuyrittäjät

Pikkuyrittäjät JA Finland

JA Finland’s Pikkuyrittäjät program will be awarded with Gold Global Best Award at Houston, USA in October

International education business Partnership Network (IPN) is a global non-profit network with over 20 years of work in promoting the teaching and learning of working life skills in schools.

The biennially arranged Global Best Award competition will be held in Space Center Houston, USA, 19th of October.

Nominated as the best of the world

Pikkuyrittäjät program is awarded as Europe´s best (Gold Global Best Awards) in the category Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Skills. At the same time Pikkuyrittäjät is competing against other winners from different continents on which program is the world’s best.

Overall there are six different categories and the competition will end with one declared as the world’s best entrepreneurship education program/innovation. Pikkuyrittäjät is also competing to grab the Global Best Overall Award.

-25 000 children have gotten involved with Pikkuyrittäjät program which has secured foothold all over Finland. It is great to get a chance to present our innovative school program to the whole world with our team , tells Mikko Nurminen from Pikkuyrittäjät.

JA Finland’s Pikkuyrittäjät team´s trip to the USA is made possible by Ukko.fi. In the upcoming autumn the team will write a blog series about their journey throughout the competition.

Pikkuyrittäjät program represented Finland at the Global Best Awards two years ago as well.
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New mobile game available now

Pikkuyrittäjät program is inspiring children also through new mobile game. The app works as a tool for the program. It helps children with creating their own business idea and developing it even further. Pikkuyrittäjät mobile game is now available for download at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


Pikkuyrittäjät is an entrepreneurship education program for primary schools. During a nine-week period 10–12 yr old pupils run a company from beginning to end. The pupils came up with a business idea, and to develop it further, with the assistance of the teacher, as part of curricula. In the end, ideas will be presented at an event where the pupils sell their own products and services to the real customers paying with real money.

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