Why Europe Matters -workshop let students solve Europe’s problems

18.1.2018 2018News

“A different school day” and “a different work day” — these words were used to describe the Why Europe Matters -workshop, which gathered around 30 secondary level students and seven Nokia volunteers to think about the challenges of European Union and solutions to them.  JA Finland has joined forces with JA Europe and European RoundTable of Industrialists to bring out young people’s voices in Europe. The Why Europe Matters initiative includes a big survey for 16-25-year-olds and in addition to that the workshops that are organized in nine European countries. The goal of the workshops is to think about concrete actions that can improve Europe.

Application to prevent social exclusion and clean energy

The Finnish Why Europe Matters -workshop was organized in Oulu at the University of Oulu’s Business Kitchen. Students together with Nokia volunteers in small groups thought about different problems and solutions to improve Europe. The theme of the workshop was connected to the Rome declaration and the topics for the students were:

  • A safe and secure Europe
  • A prosperous and sustainable Europe
  • A social Europe
  • A stronger Europe on the global scene

The prize of the workshop was a chance to go and represent Finland in the main seminar of Why Europe Matters in Brussels 20.-21.3.2018. After an intensive day of work, the teams presented their solutions on stage. In total we heard eight excellent presentations from the students, who came up with the concepts in less than 8 hours! Eventually the winner was chosen by the Nokia volunteers and the winning team consisted of four boys from Pudasjärvi Upper Secondary School. Their solutions was a mobile application that prevents social exclusion and helps people to get employed around Europe. They will go to Brussels and get to network with the students from the other countries.

Check out all the solutions!

  1. VOITTAJA: HopesUp (Social Europe) – An application that helps to find new friends and connections to prevent social exclusion and improve employability around Europe. Our app finds friends and gives you many options that will help you in choosing education and getting job more likely. Friends are very important in getting further in life and many great innovations could be found by brainstorming with same type of guy. Our app finds that guy for you.
  2. 2. SIJA: BLEU Youth (Social Europe) – A mobile app that brings EU citizenship closer to the youth and everybody else in the European region. The app teaches about the EU and Europe in a fun way and develops language skills. It can encourage youth to travel. The app brings the possibility to be in contact with other people from Europe in a new way. It gives information about the EU and Europe in a tight package. It gives the possibility to experience places in Europe through virtual reality.
  • Future Influencers (Social Europe) – A website that allows spreading information, making connections with people all around the world and provides a streaming service. Our solution is educating young people about different minorities. We would like to give schools a chance to work with minorities.
  • Girl power (Stronger Europe) – Idea is to take Europeans (young people, teachers and unemployed) to third world / countries who are recovering from a crisis to help and to work. This is how we can employ more Europeans and also promote globalization in the world.
  • The Saviours (A prosperous and sustainable Europe) – A new education program which focuses on clean energy development and it is available for every EU country. Program is based on cooperation with companies and works as an EU’s internal discussion forum about green energy.
  • 2 (A prosperous and sustainable Europe) – A fund for small and medium sized enterprises for using renewable energy. EU would fund companies that decide to use energy sources like solar and wind power.
  • Idealistit (A prosperous and sustainable Europe) – A way to make transportation between countries easier. The goal is to encourage people to study and work abroad.
  • Desired Education (Social Europe) – Idea is to add and improve the teaching of English language in Europe and start it in every country early on – already in the primary education and even before that. That way Europeans would have a common language and this would help people easily to move around and get the study and working places around Europe.
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