JA Finland and Moomin Characters together for the reading and entrepreneurship

14.2.2020 2020News

We are delighted to announce, today on Valentine’s Day, that we have found new friends in Moomin Characters, who share our mission; children and young people need support and opportunities to release and exercise their creativity.

Although working life is changing at a rapid pace and we today cannot know or even imagine what our children will be working with in the future, we can say with certainty that creativity is and remains central to working life, regardless of occupation and industry. Creativity is about innovation, finding solutions to problems, daring to try new things.
The CEO of Junior Achievement Finland Virpi Utriainen notes that the collaboration with Moomin Characters is multi-faceted: “While opening up the creative industry for young people and showing how to work as a cultural entrepreneur, we allow young people to acquire important working skills, such as communication and collaboration skills. At the same time, young people’s self-awareness often increases and many of them will realize that they are capable of doing more than they think.”

The CEO of Moomin Characters Roleff Kråkström emphasizes that the collaboration with Junior Achievement is part of Moomin Characters’ long-term focus on children and young people. ”We are looking forward to our partnership through which we empower young people in their cultural entrepreneurship activities and also increase the interest towards reading and literature.”

JA and Moomin Characters will collaborate in 2020 to give young people opportunities to work as “cultural entrepreneurs”. The young people will, among other things, produce and arrange author talks for the literature event Vaasa Littfest Vasa. This way, JA and Moomin hope to inspire young people to read more and to create a lifelong interest in literature.

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