¡Hola Amigos! Pikkuyrittäjät goes to Spain

31.10.2016 2016News

Pikkuyrittäjät Espanjassa

The Pikkuyrittäjät program will start on Costa Del Sol, Spain in November!

Spain has a large Finnish community and lots of vibrant entrepreneurship. The Pikkuyrittäjät program is ideally suited to the school using the Finnish curriculum and the children are already looking forward to the start of the program.


-We look are looking forward to the start of the Pikkuyrittäjät program at our school. When we told the kids of the program they were immediately eager to participate and take on the challenge. I believe that in their hands fantastic little businesses will arise, says Tiina Raassina-Merikanto from Colegio Finlandés.

Pikkuyrittäjät have been active both at home as well as abroad. In September Pikkuyrittäjät was selected as the best European entrepreneurship education program and the program was presented in New York at the EdTech event.

On the same week that the Pikkuyrittäjät program is being held in Spain, the program will also be present at the EU Commission’s SME Week event in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Even a CEO can learn from a high school student