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JA Finland’s (Junior Achievement Finland) goal is to advance entrepreneurial attitude and an active lifestyle among Finnish youths by increasing their knowledge of entrepreneurship, providing entrepreneurial experiences, enhancing readiness for working life and financial management skills.

JA aims to fulfill its goals by providing programs supporting entrepreneurship and consumer education for 7- to 25-year-olds through schools, universities, and other educational institutions. The programs are carried out as a part of the schools’ own curricula. Read more about programs.

JA receives most of its funds from foundations’ and companies’ support and from the European Social Fund coordinated by Finnish National Board of Education.


JA Finland’s programs are mainly available in Finnish and Swedish language, but opportunities exist to include English-speaking students and volunteers in our activities.

JA wishes to encourage and support schools to open their doors for the surrounding society. JA programs include pre-designed roles for business volunteers which make bridging the gap between schools and companies easier.

Our programs form the JA Path of Entrepreneurship Education, which offers collaboration opportunities to all grades from pre-school to universities. JA Finland provides pre-made study materials for all programs and support in using these materials. 



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