Stories of young people

We help young people practice an active attitude, working life skills and managing their own finances. Discover the stories of young people who participated in our programmes.

Jessica Huhtinen

Good players will be remembered

Jessica Huhtinen started as an entrepreneur in the middle of the corona virus pandemic. Older entrepreneurs warned that it is normal that it may take several years to get business running properly. However, finding her own expertise at an early stage helped Jessica attract customers quickly.

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Lari Lehto

Entrepreneurship is all about trying things out

JA alumnae Lari Lehto reached a turnover of 1 million euros at the age of 23 with his company Ideally. Next steps are already underway. That is why he packed his bags and flew overseas.

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Arvi Martikainen

Entrepreneurship boosts competitive sports

Arvi Martikainen has had time to practice horseback riding at the top level, establish companies and participate in the one-year program of the Junior Achievement association. Started at the age of 10, the entrepreneurial journey has helped the young man to achieve his dreams many times already, and there is more to come.

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