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The Communications Team of Junior Achievement Finland helps representatives of the media to find experts, visual material, and information about entrepreneurship education and the learning of financial literacy and working life skills at different levels of education.

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What is Entrepreneurship Education?

Today, entrepreneurship education is more important than ever and is included in the curriculum in all levels of education. The aim of entrepreneurship education is to promote a positive attitude toward entrepreneurship, improve the skills required for entrepreneurship, and build an entrepreneurial approach. Entrepreneurial skills and the ability to come up with innovative solutions are necessary in all work.

Long-term entrepreneurship education can strengthen the entrepreneurial attitude as well as financial and working life skills of children and youth through wide-ranging, practical programs and help them identify and recognize personal skills and strengths. Entrepreneurship education programs, provided as a part of other education and free of charge to the schools, can help develop entrepreneurship in our society and strengthen the attitudes and abilities of children and young people to help them cope with changing situations at work and continue to learn new things.

By investing in young people, we can use entrepreneurship and an entrepreneurial attitude to build a long-term solution to the growing challenges that Finland faces in terms of its competitive ability. Entrepreneurship education not only helps young people find their first summer job, but also drives the birth of new innovations and companies – even growth companies aiming for the global market. By gaining experiences already during school and studies, young people have better opportunities and a readiness to employ themselves and others when transitioning to work, which also contributes to preventing social exclusion of young people.

According to the European Commission, entrepreneurship education improves entrepreneurial spirit among young people. Entrepreneurship education is about developing a general set of competencies applicable in all walks of life, and not only about learning how to run a business. Entrepreneurship education includes all forms of learning, education, and training which contribute to entrepreneurial spirit, competence, and behavior – with or without a commercial objective.
(Source: European Commission, Guide for Entrepreneurship Education)

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Mission, vision, and values of JA Finland


Through our study programs, we help education providers teach entrepreneurship and working life skills and financial literacy.


We are the leading entrepreneurship education operator in Finland.
Our programs are used by educational establishments ranging from preschools to higher education institutions.
The youths participating in the programs find success in their lives.


We trust the abilities of youths.
We respect different skills, forms of creativity, and points of view.
We believe in the importance of education and experiential learning.
We appreciate cooperation and working together.
We carry out our work with passion.
Our work is meaningful.

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We are happy to help with any questions that you may have concerning our operations. Contact us!

Kaisa Huikuri
Communication and Marketing Manager
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