Idea Party

3.8.2022 Hybriditapahtuma

Idea party during the Entrepreneur’s day theme week – enthusiasm and inspiration for all school levels

Time: 8.9.–9.9.2022 
Venue: hybrid event locally and online

The Junior Achievement association organizes a national learning event on entrepreneurship education for all school levels during the Entrepreneur’s day theme week!

Idea party offers young people functional activities related to entrepreneurial skills 8.–9.9.2022. Learning event of the Entrepreneur’s day will take place in hybrid format, both live and online. Participants can work actively together and network with local players. Tasks are carried out online and the participants have a great opportunity to network nationwide on the event’s virtual platform.

The event offers all school levels:

Active and inclusive learning experience

Functional activities with entrepreneurial skills

Local workshops and tasks online

Networking opportunities locally and nationally

At the event, you will actively develop the participants’ entrepreneurial skills and networking with other players!

Interested? Fill in the form below and we will contact you in August once the programme has been reviewed and registration has opened.

The event is part of the Entrepreneur’s day 2022 programme entity. All events of the Entrepreneur’s day can be found here (in Finnish).