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Who works for you in the 2020s?

The employers and employees of the near future are in schools now. JA Finland offers you a chance to collaborate in developing entrepreneurship and consumer education and financial skills of our students and pupils.

Supporting our youths during different life events is a common interest for the whole society. Financial management skills, innovativity, and an enterprising attitude are self-evident parts of responsible activity in each youth’s working and private life.

An active, self-imposed, and responsible independent worker is also the foundation on which every company’s road to success and fulfillment of goals is paved.

We reach nearly 40 000 youths, students and teachers each year

JA reached over 38 000 youths this academic year (2016-2017) and we believe this number will keep growing in the future. This growth lets us know that there is a demand for our programs and also a chance to reach out to the makers of the future.

Join us!

JA collaboration is a great way for a company to carry out its social responsibilities – our programs are a direct investment into the future. By participating in our activities you can share your skills and make a difference about our common future.

Contact us and we will tell you more about JA Partnership.


Share your

skills – Become a JA Volunteer!

Would you like to participate and bring business perspectives into the program? Tell your own story, give advice, and review results. Get to know the future employees and entrepreneurs!

Read more about your chances to volunteer.


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