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[email protected]

[email protected] is an awareness-raising campaign to build contacts between young people and small businesses (SMEs). The aim is to: help young jobseekers find jobs in SMEs and rapidly gain experience and skills raise awareness among small businesses about the potential…

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Programme support from YES network

YES Network helps teachers and schools to carry out JA Finland's programmes. In addition to providing JA Finland's local services, YES network provides practical services supporting entrepreneurship education for teaching from pre-primary education to higher education. YES brings together teachers, entrepreneurs and…

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Zaldo – Tame Your Financial Troll

Zaldo is a financial education online programme for your people. portal supports the Economics classes and is aligned with the goals of the National Education plan. JA Finland was the content provider for Zaldo - Tame Your Financial Troll -material…

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Check out the new Company programme portal

The portal helps the students and teachers throughout the Company programme year. JA Finland has created a portal for all JA Minicompanies and teachers coordinating the JA Company Programme. Information in the portal is available in Finnish, Swedish and most…

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