Pikkuyrittäjät the Best of Europe

16.9.2016 2016

The Finnish educational innovation, Pikkuyrittäjät was chosen the best Entrepreneurship Education Program in Europe in a competition held by the International Partnership Network (Global Best Award). 

The biennially arranged gala was held in Oslo this year. The tough competition had participants from all over the world.

”It is great to receive recognition for the work we have done to the Finnish education. We believe that there is a new generation growing up in Finland; A generation that is not afraid to internationalize and achieve,” says Mikko Nurminen from Pikkuyrittäjät.

The program also received a lot of attention at expert panels in Oslo. The award was handed by NASA astronaut Rick Hieb.


In the Pikkuyrittäjät program, 10-12-year old students found their own mini-companies and come up with a business idea, logo, slogan, and an elevator pitch. At the end, all the companies are presented in the finale of the program, where the students sell their products to real customers paying with real money. The program has been extremely well received by schools all around Finland; one can find the program almost anywhere in Finland.

The International Partnership Network (IPN) is a global non-profit network with over 20 years of experience in promoting the teaching learning working life skills in school.

Next week, Pikkuyrittäjät has been invited to The Future of Learning and EdTech and ja Lift Off NYC EdTech Edition events held in New York. The events gather together experts, investors, the media, and startups from the field of education. Speakers of the event include Peter Vesterbacka and Saku Tuominen.

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