Pikkuyrittäjät meets Finnish president Niinistö!

29.8.2016 2016

Pikkuyrittäjät gets up on the stage to meet the Finnish president Sauli Niinistö at Finlandia Hall on Monday 5th September.

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises will celebrate their 20 years of work for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Finland. The main event is held at Finlandia Hall where Finnish president Sauli Niinistö will give an oration. On the same stage he shall also meet up with energetic Pikkuyrittäjät.


Pikkuyrittäjät is a free primary program developed by JA Finland for children in elementary school. Children will get in touch with entrepreneurship and establish their own mini companies (pikkuyritys) in groups of 2-4 pupils.



The Pikkuyrittäjät program in guided by teachers who are trained to do so by JA Finland.

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