Pikkuyrittäjät got noticed in New York

3.10.2016 2016

”You got a great program in this Pikkuyrittäjät.”

”For this kind of a program there is a market also in the United States.”

The CEO of JA Finland, young entrepreneurs Hilla and Sanni, Peter Vesterbacka, and the founder of the Pikkuyrittäjät program, Mikko Nurminen in New York.


Last week, the free of charge elementary school program of JA Finland, Pikkuyrittäjät, was presented through Amcham Finland at the Lift off NYC EdTEch Edition and The Future of Learning and EdTech events.

Peter Vesterbacka, who is known as the Might Eagle of Rovio and Angry Birds, had intense conversations with professionals of the education industry and investors. Nowadays he has a mission of creating new global learning tools. He was already familiar with the Pikkuyrittäjät program.

-Pikkuyrittäjät is an example of how to open the school to the outer world. Fortunately in Finland there is more and more of an understanding of how learning by doing is a good way to learn.

The ability of elementary school students to come up with a business idea and develop it onwards puzzles even many education professionals. If you give children responsibility, they will take more initiative.


Sanni from Pikkuyrittäjät, Saku Tuominen from HundrED, and Hilla from Pikkuyrittäjät in New York.


The founder of the HundrED education project Saku Tuominen spoke in favor of Finnish education.

-We still have an excellent education system in Finland. I hope we would remember that especially now with the new curricula – even though there are some requirements still to be met such as digitalization.

A lot of potential lies in the exporting of Finnish education because the Finnish education system is widely respected around the world. The folks at Team Finland, a project conducted by the Finnish

Government aiding Finnish companies in making their business global, have been keeping a close eye on the growth of the program.

-It is highly pleasing to watch the work and results of Pikkuyrittäjät through the viewpoint of encouraging entrepreneurship and companies to take their business international, says Department Head Taina Susiluoto from the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

-Team Finland is currently on of our development priorities in helping Finnish companies to take their business abroad. The participants of Pikkuyrittäjät are growing u to international entrepreneurship already in elementary school, which is excellent and highly valuable, boasts Susiluoto.


Pikkuyrittäjät was awarded earlier in September as the best entrepreneurship education program in Europe. The awards were handed out by the International Partnership Network (IPN), a global non-profit network with over 20 years of work in promoting the teaching and learning of working life skills in schools.

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