Even a CEO can learn from a high school student

7.11.2016 2016

NY Job Shadow brought together 29 top-level Finnish executives and the same amount of entrepreneurial minded young students. The lessons learned were mutual and the enthusiasm contagious.

During the event organized by JA Finland last Thursday, every leader was shadowed by a young student for the day. The young people did not simply sit quiet and observe the their shadowee but actively participated in the meetings and the dialogue during the whole day was highly interactive.

Jukka Kurttila and Patrik Pyöriä

Jukka Kurttila, the CEO of the company Finlayson, which has been in the textile business for almost 200 years, saw many good sides to the day.

– A good time overall. If only one could transfer the enthusiasm of these entrepreneurial young people to all the employees in the future Finland. There is hope in this country and it is evident from the youth, ponders CEO of Finlayson Kurttila.

Shadowing Kurttila dor the day was an upper secondary school student from Espoo, Patrik Pyöriä.

– This was a magnificent new experience for me. I have never before seen close up how a large company is led.

CEO of Kemijoki Oy Tuomas Timonen gladly joined the event with his shadower, Henri Helminen from the Turku University of Applied Sciences.

– It is a part of corporate responsibility to support the upcoming generation. It is interesting to see how he views us and me, and how our company seems to him. We hire people of Henri’s age and we need to be an attractive company, Timonen sums up.

The Federation of Finnish Enterprises CEO Mikael Pentikäinen and other NY Job Shadow attendees



The closing ceremony was held at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Jari Gustafsson received Kajaani University of Applied Sciences student Olli Kähkönen as his shadowee.

– Magnificent that such events are held, said Gustafsson to a full audience of leaders and young people.

The student participants of the NY Job Shadow day came from all over Finland. Aged 16-23, they all have participated in at least one entrepreneurship education program of JA Finland. They have come up with and founded a student company operating with real money and run it for the whole school year.

See the full list of attendants of NY Job Shadow.

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