Virpi Utriainen: Greetings from the top of entrepreneurship education!

27.1.2014 2014


Where is entrepreneurship education in 2014?  While schools still struggle with the term’s disagreeability, developing technology, global challenges, and changing work life are rapidly affecting what skills youths should be taught. Who are the future employees and job creators?  Recently, the media has raised questions about how to get children and youths excited about learning, interested in doing, assume responsibility, and become the driving creators of their own lives.

JA programs challenge participants to do, innovate, find their strengths, and reach their goals. What we get are motivated and excited youths, who stay on the ball in the currents of society and put their skills to use. 

2014 has taken off at full speed here at JA Finland: this year we have launched the Pikkuyrittäjät (Little Entrepreneurs) club offering entrepreneurial afternoon activities to primary school students.  Pikkuyrittäjät brings experiences of success to children and proves that anything can be accomplished if you just try!

The first Pikkuyrittäjät clubs begun this winter in the Helsinki metropolitan area. We welcome you to come meet our little entrepreneurs on February 4th in Helsinki Business College at the JA regional expo.

The new year brings also new study materials. JA Next Steps Guide ushers students graduating from the JA Company program towards founding their own companies in a ten steps process. We are handing out JA Nest Steps Guides this spring to all JA Company program participants. Technology and its uses and possibilities are more concretely demonstrated during JA programs in cooperation with Microsoft.

At JA we create security amongst youths through our preemptive and enthusiastic work. We would like to thank all our partners and of course also Finnish teachers for making this possible. The responsibility lies on us all. Where would you want to make your mark? We welcome you to join us! Let us make this another great year! 

Virpi Utriainen

CEO, JA Finland


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