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2.5.2013 2013

Best JA-YE companies on the way to future – These students have the skills, attitude, and an open mind!

The Uskalla Yrittää finals gathered over 300 students and 62 JA-YE companies – the best of regional preliminary finals – to Lohja on April 8th and 9th to compete for the title of the best student company of the year.

During the two days the young finalists got a chance to present their business and also to sell their products and services.

The first day of the finals was spent with the JA-YE expo in Lohjantähti shopping center. The next day the exciting company presentations and jury interviews awaited the competitors.

– The event was an excellent learning experience for the students. They got to practice business independently, simultaneously

large_urholearning marketing, networking, and performance skills. This is the best way to prevent social isolation, said JA-YE Finland’s CEO Virpi Utriainen.

The students’ excitement about their work clearly visible

URHO NY from Tampere Steiner high school presented their maintenance services at their stand. Business seems to go so well, that the students aim to keep their company running even after their JA-YE year.

– We absolutely will. We already have partners who help us with our activities, said URHO NY’s client manager Roope Piippo.

According to him the JA-YE year changed his preconceptions of entrepreneurship

– Earlier I thought that I wouldn’t become an entrepreneur. During this year I’ve learned that whenyouhave your own company it’s all up to you whether to have a job or what you do.

The first awards of the finals were handed out already during the expo: the award for the best presentation stand was given to Avedia

large_jesseNY from Kajaani, and Jesse Myllykoski of Fireteam NY from Pori received the prize for the best marketer. He effortlessly sold, among other things, grilling sticks to ex-prime minister Matti Vanhanen.

An entrepreneur is always learning

Among the expo visitors in Lohjantähti was also entrepreneur Pasi Rahikka, who came to witness students’ ideas. Did he also intend to share his years of experience with the rookies?

Quite the contrary:


small_yrittaja– I came to learn from them. The lack of prejudice these students have is remarkable, said Rahikka, who does business in software.

The company presentation simulated business negotiations

The students’ speech and preformance skills were tested on Tuesday, when it was time to present the student companies and be interviewed by the jury. The best JA-YE companies astounded the jury with their polished presentations and language

Winners go to Europe

The Uskalla Yrittää finals culminated in an ending party, where the best JA-YE companies in primary and secondary education were declared. Other prices wre also given.

This year the best companies came from Helsinki. The best company in secondary education was RikuCo NY from Helsinki Business College. The winner in primary education was The Attitude UF from Botby grundskola.

RikuCo NY will represent Finland in the JA-YE European championship competition in London on July 17th to 19th. The Attitude UF will travel to Sweden to visit their national JA-YE finals in Stockholm on May 6th to 7th. Congratulations to the winners, good luck on your endeavours!

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