Over 20,000 participated in JA Finland last academic year

18.10.2012 2012

Demand for JA Finland’s programs keeps growing among schools, businesses and students.

During the 2011-2012 academic year all in all 20,379 students, teachers and business representatives participated in different JA Finland activities. The amount of participants increased by nearly one third from last year.

JA Finland’s executive director Virpi Utriainen is pleased with the way schools have begun to see entrepreneurship education as a teaching method and a pedagogical solution.

“Entrepreneurial attitude, responsibility, self-reliance, and understanding the importance of work are key values both now and in the future. Through our teaching methods we encourage students to harness their own skills and to become active members of society,” says Utriainen.

JA participants include also teachers and businesses

In addition to children and students, 1,891 teachers and 1,256 business volunteers participated in JA-YE-organized activities during last academic year.

“Through our programs teachers are able to establish co-operation networks for implementing entrepreneurship education. Businesses get a possibility to meet future employees and share their skills and knowledge with them. We want to challenge the education system and business with one simple question: Who does the work in the 2020s and with what kind of skills?” Utriainen says.

JA continues to grow this year

Based on the amount of registered participants, JA Finland will continue to grow during the next academic year.

“For example our Company Programme has already received over 2,600 registrations, which is more than we had at this time last year,” Utriainen tells.

JA Finlands impact in 2011-2012:

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