Invest in the future!

30.4.2012 2012

Minister of Labor Lauri Ihalainen, appearing on the TV show Huomenta Suomi, reminded us on May Day eve of the social exclusion that is threatening our youth. As an entrepreneur you can help: become a JA-YE volunteer and make a change.

According to Ihalainen, around 5000 youths are left without a place in higher education every year after they finish their compulsory schooling. Currently about 40,000 young are without work or further education. Many are lacking the basic skills of life control.

“These numbers tell us that something is needed to get these youths willing to be active and participate in society,” says JA-YE Finland’s Executive Director Virpi Utriainen.

She also points out that the employees and employers of the near future are in schools right now. These young people need role models who can provide them with a realistic picture of the working life in the future and help them with career planning through their own experiences.

“Sharing one’s life experience, telling others one’s own story and spending time with them is probably the cheapest and most effective way to change the world,” Utriainen said.

JA-YE Finland’s volunteer program offers companies a way to fulfill their social responsibilities. As a volunteer, a company representative gets to shape the skills and knowledge of the future workforce.

“Volunteers can act as lecturers, invited speakers, advisors, directors or experts. JA-YE has different kinds of curricula for all education levels and a volunteer’s role has been included in each of them. There is no need to be a top expert in one’s field, all we need are unprejudiced people who are ready to share their time and knowledge with our students!”

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