Innolukio starts on Thursday

13.8.2012 2012

Innolukio, a creative learning project, starts on Thursday, August 16th, at 10 o’clock in high schools all over Finland. Let Innolukio inspire you to participate in JA-YE programs too!

Innolukio’s fall term starts on Thursday, August 16th, with a nationwide web broadcast and continues for three months. If your high school isn’t participating yet, register now!

Innolukio is a free digital campus. It encourages its users to use their creativity, to be critical and think outside the box. Innolukio also helps students to develop their innovation and entrepreneurship skills, and create contacts to universities and businesses.

“This platform encourages high school students to be more active, think differently and it improves their learning,” said the project’s father Ari Ervasti, lecturer of mathematics and physics from Ylivieska high school, describing his own experiences with Innolukio.

large_innolukioAt Innolukio’s heart is a weekly innovation challenge given to all high schoolers. The students are supposed to come up with their answers mostly during their free time.

Finland’s government will issue the first weekly assignment. The rest will be planned by businesses that are considered to be significant in the future. Experts from the participating businesses will aid the students in their tasks.

In addition to the weekly challenges, Innolukio provides students with inspirational statements and innovation presentations. More information about the possibilities of Innolukio is available in Finnish at from August 16th onwards.

JA-YE Finland encourages all high schools to participate in Innolukio’s challenge to create a more creative learning environment. Innolukio supports JA-YE Finland in our goals to provide entrepreneurship education through our programs. Now is the perfect time to participate in both Innolukio and JA-YE Finland programs!

Innolukio is a learning environment project funded by the Finnish National Board for Education. JA-YE Finland is part of the project’s developer group. (In Finnish)
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