GEP partner encourages high schoolers

4.5.2012 2012

Etu-Töölö high school decided to give company partnership a go on their 24 Hour Camp. The students were instructed by Senior Managor at Nokia, Ida Andersson.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“This is wonderful! Students these days are so smart, energetic, and skilled in languages and in presenting themselves that it’s a pleasure to work with them,” said Ida Andersson when describing her experiences as a GEP volunteer.

Andersson is one of the volunteers form Nokia, who are participating in the Global Enterprise Project (GEP). The project’s goal is to teach students the necessary skills for working life, guided by partners from successful companies.

Andersson works both as an advisor and a judge at the JA-YE 24h Innovation Camp in Etu-Töölö high school. The camp provides the students with a unique chance not only to acquaint themselves with entrepreneurship, but to also receive experienced advice from an expert.

“The students need our support. Furthermore, entrepreneurship helps them to develop a mindset necessary for modern life,” Andersson said about her motives for volunteering.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“Company representative brought credibility to our camp”

Susanna Nyblin (pictured on the left) and Jenni Korteorganized the 24h Camp for the third time this year. However, this was the first time they had a company representative to help them.

“The camp had all new spirit and credibility now that we got to work with a company representative. I would recommend this experience for any other school,” said Susanna Nyblin.

In addition to the JA-YE 24h Camp, there are also other entrepreneurship courses, among them the JA-YE Company Programme, available to students at the entrepreneurship-centered Etu-Töölö high school.

Nyblin and Korte both feel that the ‘learn by doing’ method has proven itself to be a successful teaching model.

“The 24h Camp bring a whole new side out in the students. Even a student who’s below average in class in class may have brilliant ideas at the camp!”

Kone also volunteered for GEP partnership

In addition to Nokia, Kone also volunteered to participate in the GEP in Finland. The company partners went with students as advisors and participated in the GEP Challenge in Paris held in March. Afterwards they have continued working on the project in Finland.

The volunteers can be invited to give a globalization lecture at schools or to work as advisors in the JA-YE Company and 24h Camp Programmes.

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