Finland’s youngest entrepreneurs compete in Hämeenlinna

20.3.2012 2012

The finals of JA-YE Finland’s Uskalla Yrittää competition gathers the most brilliant innovations of the past year to Hämeenlinna in the beginning of April. Business ideas from welfare services to clothing for dogs will be up for presentation at the event.

The main event of the year for JA-YE Finland – the finals of Uskalla Yrittää competition – is held on April 3 to 4 in Hämeenlinna. In this two-day competition the best 70 student companies, which is over 300 students, will get a chance to present their products, innovations and services.

“Through JA-YE Finland’s programmes students learn skills necessary for interaction, teamwork and working life by practicing them in real situations. The JA-YE Company Programme and JA-YE Start-up Programme are unique in Finland. They are the only activity standards in which the students will found an actual company with real money still in a school environment,” said JA-YE Finland’s executive director Virpi Utriainen.

The finalists of the Uskalla Yrittää competition were chosen from over 900 JA-YE student companies, each founded by students participating in JA-YE programmes in 2011-2012. The competitors have been devided into three divisions, one for elementary schools, vocational and high schools and higher education respectively. From each division, the best companies are awarded in Hämeenlinna. The winners get to represent Finland in the European entrepreneurship championship competition in July.

These finals provide the students with an excellent chance to get to know other programme participants from all over Finland and build networks for the future.

“It seems that the students become more and more innovative each year and they’re able to grasp the current themes. For example, themes of social responsibility are visible in many student companies these days,” Utriainen said.

Other awards presented at the finals include the best presentation stand, seller, product, and service. A special prize is also awarded to the student company with the greatest potential to develop into an actual business.

The Uskalla Yrittää finals and other related events are open for public. Welcome!

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