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5.4.2012 2012

The winners of the NY Uskalla Yrittää student entrepreneurship competition were declared at the Uskalla Yrittää finals in Hämeenlinna on Tuesday and Wednesday. JA-YE Finland congratulates Season One, Whels Wood NY, Taipuu woodworks NY and other winners!

During the intense two-day competition, students from all over Finland showcased their best business ideas. The innovative students and their companies exhibited a will to get a chance to build their own dreams through entrepreneurship.

“Those, who in the 2020’s will work as entrepreneurs and employees in companies, are the students currently studying in our schools. During these two days we have met many ingenious people, who will surely be heard of in the future,” said JA-YE Finland’s executive director Virpi Utriainen.

This year the NY Uskalla Yrittää finals were organized by Tavastia Vocational College and JA-YE Finland’s Tavastia Proper local office.

“79 student companies, 260 students, 60 teachers, and a large group of invited guests and other people associated with JA-YE Finland competed and built networks here in Hämeenlinna. This event proved to be a challenging, but rewarding undertaking. We’ll gladly challenge next year’s organizer to do even better,” said Tavastia Vocational College’s event manager Outi Ruohela.

Being goal-directed and having faith in the company appealed to jury

A jury consisting of business and education experts chose the winners from companies founded by elementary school, vocational and high school, and higher education students during the 2011-2012 school/academic year.

Season One from Turku University of Applied Sciences received the award for the best student company in higher education. Their business idea was to provide designers with a channel to get their product ideas into manufacturing and delivered to retailers.

The jury was impressed especially by Season One’s determination and ambitious goals. The students’ own finished products and solid knowhow further pleased the judges.

Taipuu woodworks NY from Oulu Vocational College received the award for the best student company in the division for vocational/high schools. The company’s business idea was to produce multipurposed and high quality wooden handicraft products.

Thy jury complemented the outstanding quality of the products and the expertise of the entrepreneurs. Their contributions in product development and finding partners was also deemed impressive.

Whels Wood NY from Porin Lyseo Comprehensive School was awarded in the division for elementary schools. Their business idea was to produce useful, durable and ecological kitchen products.

The secret behind their triumph was a solid gestalt, representativeness and active team work. The judges appreciated the local renown achieved by the company, and their efficient use of several different media channels.

Awards were also given for the best presentation stand (Hiidenpesä NY), seller (Niklas Hagel from Hagebox NY), product (Taipuu Woodworks NY) and service (Re’GoSport). The Nordic Business Forum’s Kohti Kasvua special award was given to the student copany with the greatest potential to develop into an actual business (Re’GoSport).

Photographs are available at Picasa.

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