Wanted! JA Volunteers

1.11.2011 2011

Are you in a working life? Share your experiences with young people!

Future employers and entrepreneurs are now going to school. They need role models who they can learn from. Role models provide young people with a realistic image of the working life, share their own experiences and encourage young people with their ideas.

As a JA Volunteer you are a role model to young people. You can participate as a lecturer, mentor, judge or business specialist for JA programmes.

Most JA Classes are held in Finnish, but English speaking volunteers are welcomed. Some schools have even international classes (mostly for JA Company programme)

What is required from JA Volunteers?

Being a JA Volunteer is easy. You don’t have to be an entrepreneur yourself. It is enough that you are interested in the issue, open-minded, committed and willing to share your time and your thoughts, experiences, skills and knowledge with young people.

As a JA Volunteer you have a chance to learn new things yourself, recognise your own skills, create social responsibility and pay forward and take part in an important issue.

For more information about volunteering and using an English language, please contact the JA Office


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